Jason Reed Milner | Photo by Paul F.P. Pogue

Jason Reed Milner | Photo by Paul F.P. Pogue

“An adventurer and an inventor, Jason Reed Milner has run the gauntlet from composer to frontman to music producer and back.  A self-claimed gearhead, his mathematical brain computes numbers and figures like a mad scientist.  He can design blueprints for almost any creation, breathing life into projects like Doctor Frankenstein.  His reach is wide, ranging from music and film score composition to video production to photography.  He transforms scattered words into memorable melody with a touch of the keys, channeling emotion like a medium.  His ability to create art in its various forms includes not only the functional (mechanical engineering plans, for instance), but also the visionary (music videos, paintings, photographs, songs, and soundscapes).”
By Leslie I. Benson, Journalist and Marketer

I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges. Contact me today if you’re interested in working together on a project. I look forward to hearing from you!

Email: JasonReedMilner@gmail.com

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