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‘Share-Giving’ Brings Awareness to Indy Musicians

The music scene in Indianapolis is suffering. Original local bands are being turned away from venues, because they can’t “pay to play,” or they have trouble selling tickets, OR aren’t signed by a record label, or don’t fit the “cover band” bill. Economic HARDSHIPS have forced musicians to put down their instruments, schools are cutting arts programs, and kids are growing up with FEWER OPPORTUNITIES to hear live music. Above all else: Almost NO ONE is going to see live music these days!!

What if I told you things could IMPROVE INSTANTLY with just “ONE CLICK” of your finger?

Hi, my name is Jason Reed Milner.  I’m not only a musician, but first and foremost a fan of music.  I have lived in the Indianapolis area for 18 years and have been involved in the music scene for over 20 years.   There is an abundance of talented musicians living in Indianapolis, Indiana, right now.  Unfortunately, there have never been so few venues willing to host local original music shows.

In my opinion, this is due to LACK OF AWARENESS. 

One thing that has changed over the years is how people find fun things to do.   Word-of-mouth has moved online.  Social media is everything these days!  When you see a friend post online about a concert they’re attending on Facebook or Twitter, you want to share in the good time. After all, it’s not fun to be a couch potato!

So, to help people become more aware of the great MUSICAL TALENT in their “OWN BACKYARD,” it makes sense to go where the people are—online!

Because I love music so much, and I love to hear local talent, I am LAUNCHING A CAMPAIGN to PROMOTE the INDIANAPOLIS MUSIC SCENE.  I will spread awareness by posting FREE short promo interview videos with bands right before their shows to help hype the event to potential fans and Indy audiences.

Now, this is where YOU come in.  I need your help!  I need you to be the VIRAL NETWORK, to SPREAD THE WORD to hundreds of your followers and friends within 5 minutes of my posting a video. This is time sensitive! 

If you JOIN THE NETWORK, I will send you one simple text message [with a URL link to the video] to alert you when I am posting a promotional local band video.
Your job is easy!

1. Log onto Facebook or Twitter (or both) to access the URL link to the newly posted video


That’s it! 

If I could get 20-100 fellow Indianapolis music fans to do this on a weekly basis, we could raise tremendous awareness for every musician and his or her creative efforts in the local scene.  That means more music fans attending local concerts, and more people attending shows means more venue support for original acts. More support for music means greater cultural happenings in our city, which means more fun things for YOU and your family to do in Indianapolis. It means QUALITY OF LIFE!

How to Join the ‘Share-Giver’ Network

Message me back on Facebook or Twitter with the first line reading “I want to be a Share-Giver.”

Include Your mobile number.  [You will NOT get spammed, and I will not share your number with outside parties.  This is only for the sake of messaging you on occasion when the videos are posted.]

So, are you willing to lift one finger to ‘Share-give’ in support our Indianapolis music scene?  Your participation means taking Indianapolis off life support and healing the city’s scene BACK TO LIFE!

Thank you!

-Jason Reed Milner

Founder of MOB Net™ (Midwest Original Band Network)
Pianist and Songwriter in The Sweetest Condition and Irene & Reed.

 E: JasonReedMilner@gmail.com

If You Don’t Have a Dot Com, ‘You’re Not Real’

How many times have you looked online for a service in your area and run across a website with an overwhelming, long URL like “http://www.free crappybuild-a-siteonline.net/whatever001987647827-a776846752/348473948?” Ever buy anything from them? You trust them?  Yeah…  Me neither.  

To me, this kind of lengthy, jumbled website address says two things.”

1. “I don’t care enough to register a ‘dot com site’ for $10 a year.”

2. “I don’t want to appear legitimate as a business.” 

Either way, would you buy anything from such a website?  Would you be brave enough to give your credit card number to a site like that?  

I understand that if you’re just starting out, building a website can be overwhelming, and free sites are appealing, easy and well, don’t cost a dime!  But the “redirecting” feature available to everyone who purchases a proper domain name gives you the ability to give the appearance that you are a real legitimate business [i.e. “Yournamehere.com” instead of a 100-character long URL of gibberish].

To me, this is the very first step in gaining customer trust, whether you’re in the retail, entertainment, or other industry.

If you have a website on which you are selling products and you don’t have a dot com, you run the risk of consumers not taking you seriously and not trusting you. In essence, your business “isn’t real.”

So, for the price of two Starbucks coffees, do yourself a favor and buy a dot com domain name for $10 a year. Sites like GoDaddy.com and iPowerWeb.com are a good start.

Good Luck and happy selling!

-Jason Reed Milner