If You Don’t Have a Dot Com, ‘You’re Not Real’

How many times have you looked online for a service in your area and run across a website with an overwhelming, long URL like “http://www.free crappybuild-a-siteonline.net/whatever001987647827-a776846752/348473948?” Ever buy anything from them? You trust them?  Yeah…  Me neither.  

To me, this kind of lengthy, jumbled website address says two things.”

1. “I don’t care enough to register a ‘dot com site’ for $10 a year.”

2. “I don’t want to appear legitimate as a business.” 

Either way, would you buy anything from such a website?  Would you be brave enough to give your credit card number to a site like that?  

I understand that if you’re just starting out, building a website can be overwhelming, and free sites are appealing, easy and well, don’t cost a dime!  But the “redirecting” feature available to everyone who purchases a proper domain name gives you the ability to give the appearance that you are a real legitimate business [i.e. “Yournamehere.com” instead of a 100-character long URL of gibberish].

To me, this is the very first step in gaining customer trust, whether you’re in the retail, entertainment, or other industry.

If you have a website on which you are selling products and you don’t have a dot com, you run the risk of consumers not taking you seriously and not trusting you. In essence, your business “isn’t real.”

So, for the price of two Starbucks coffees, do yourself a favor and buy a dot com domain name for $10 a year. Sites like GoDaddy.com and iPowerWeb.com are a good start.

Good Luck and happy selling!

-Jason Reed Milner